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salvation mountain, leonard knight, salvation mountain photos, salvation mountain photoshoot, for love and lemons, concho hat, tba shoes, to be announced pony ride
salvation mountain, leonard knight, salvation mountain photos, salvation mountain photoshoot, boho fashion, concho hat, tba shoes, tba shoes fashion blog
salvation mountain, leonard knight, salvation mountain photos, salvation mountain photoshoot
to be announced pony ride, tba shoes, tba shoes fashion blogger( For Love and Lemons dress, To Be Announced , Forever 21 Concho hat )

Stopped by one of my favorite road trip stops and the weirdest, magical place I've ever been to.
The art installation you can actually climb sticks our flamboyantly in the middle of the monochromatic desert, braving through the occasional sand storms. Being here feels like you've been transported to another universe and sometimes it can get eerily silent.
For Love & Lemons can do no wrong with this unique number that is prevented from becoming a two-piece by hanging onto a delicate crochet strip. Breaking into my Pony Rides for the first time and I was dazed by how even more beautiful they looked in person. Dreamy burgundy velvet and gold accents are the perfect formula to fulfill my love for everything Western. 
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On the Road

The Peach Kings - Thieves & Kings
worn as top, Nasty Gal cutoff shorts, 
worn as headband &  c/o  (Get 10% off the ring using the code "voguevillain")

Never been one to say no to bell sleeves.
On the road again on a quick trip to San Francisco and I visited the Alameda Antiques Fair for the first time. I highly recommend this flea market but make sure to get there early and be prepared to walk for hours! I don't think I even covered half of it but I was happy to leave with a skull I found for such a bargain. (Haggling newbie but it actually worked!)
I'm wearing a dress by Stone Cold Fox with beautiful bell sleeves that I wore as a top because the length was a bit awkward for me. I feel like it almost looks better as a top. And to continue being a non-conformist on wearing pieces how they are supposed to be worn, I'm wearing a necklace by as a headband. Check out her site and get 10% off the ring I'm wearing with the code "voguevillain" !

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Hitchhiking to Nowhere

The xx - Angels

Wearing: American Apparel Denim Crop (Tied), Forever21 Floral shorts, BDG Black Wedges

What started as a detour to avoid traffic turned into an accidental photoshoot.
On our way back to LA from San Francisco, we weaved into an empty side road and ended up somewhere that could have portrayed real life Farmville. As we looked at our surroundings, we immediately got out of the car with the camera and snapped away, trying not to look too uncomfortable beneath the +100 degree scorching sun.
Who would've thought this barren strip of road could serve as the perfect backdrop with radiating beams that we all strive for in photos?
Lesson learned, the unexpected detours can turn into fortuitous adventures.

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