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Desert Spells

unif, unif dress, cape dress, little black dress, lbd, jeffrey campbell, jeffrey campbell coltrane
unif, unif dress, cape dress, little black dress, lbd, jeffrey campbell, jeffrey campbell coltrane
sheer, black dress, cape dress, sheer cape, unif, unif dress, desert photoshoot

unif, unif dress, cape dress, little black dress, lbd, jeffrey campbell, jeffrey campbell coltrane, crossroads trading, desert photoshootUnif Cape Dress via Crossroads Trading  or
Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane

Part one of my Palm Springs photo diary series.
Probably the smallest my outfit list above may have been and yet ironically it is one of the most dramatic pieces I have worn. What more can I ask for in the desert than simplicity + drama?
Stay tuned for Part 2 of my photo diaries.... xx

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Plaid Pinafore Dress from Miss KL
Dolls Kill lock choker 
Vintage TUK kitty Mary Janes

Stepping up the Throwback Thursday game with plaid, TUKs and a lot of 90s.
The only way I can describe this look is Clueless with a bit of grit and grunge.
I found these awesome kitty Tuk Mary Janes for only $20 at the Melrose flea market. Such a steal considering the condition of the shoes!

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5 Days of AOS: Vogue Villain

Articles of Society c/o xPose PR
Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane
Forever 21 Concho Hat

My friends always make fun of me for never wearing jeans but it's mainly because I feel like you can't get as creative with denim. Also, living in a place where it usually doesn't go below 70 degrees, I have an excuse to wear skirts and dresses all year long. That's why I get super excited when I see jeans with gorgeous colors and textures. Also, extra points for being one of the comfiest pairs I've worn!
I picked up the Minkpink sweater because of its geometric and eye prints but it's snuggly and great for an oversized wear. I think I'm doing pretty well with this outfit on the practical & comfy scale.

Well Plaid

Forever 21 ACDC shirt / hat
Vintage Ralph Lauren tartan midi skirt via Beacon's Closet similar
Vintage Boots 

Being petite means an everlasting battle with awkward lengths so I usually opt for the shorter. During my trip to New York, I found a midi skirt at Beacon's Closet that was, dare I say the perfect length for a midi. I always make a mental note to stop by the vintage mecca when I'm in New York and I feel like it is better curated in their vintage selection than most stores I've been to.

The November weather in Los Angeles doesn't need any more explanation than wearing a slouchy muscle tee with a thick wool skirt but I'm not complaining.

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On the Road

The Peach Kings - Thieves & Kings
worn as top, Nasty Gal cutoff shorts, 
worn as headband &  c/o  (Get 10% off the ring using the code "voguevillain")

Never been one to say no to bell sleeves.
On the road again on a quick trip to San Francisco and I visited the Alameda Antiques Fair for the first time. I highly recommend this flea market but make sure to get there early and be prepared to walk for hours! I don't think I even covered half of it but I was happy to leave with a skull I found for such a bargain. (Haggling newbie but it actually worked!)
I'm wearing a dress by Stone Cold Fox with beautiful bell sleeves that I wore as a top because the length was a bit awkward for me. I feel like it almost looks better as a top. And to continue being a non-conformist on wearing pieces how they are supposed to be worn, I'm wearing a necklace by as a headband. Check out her site and get 10% off the ring I'm wearing with the code "voguevillain" !

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The Highline

Phantogram - Black Out Days 

( Zara top and skirt, Urban Outfitters cat purse, Dailylook  )
Black & Nude: The classics.
Being stripped from the usual quirky prints and colors felt oddly liberating. 
It was a nice change of scenery but I brought a cat with me in case I got bored.

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Manhattan, NY

Cat Power - Manhattan
Brandy Melville dress, Forever 21 Kimono (), Zara Platform Sandals, Thrifted hat
A very belated NYFW outfit post at the High Line. 
The High Line is one of my favorite places to visit in New York and bonus points for being right by Artichoke pizza. It is a bit touristy but I love walking along the old train tracks tucked away in Manhattan surrounded by greenery and gorgeous views of the city.
Departing with a kimono jacket is difficult mainly due to laziness and the ease of 
throwing it over any outfit.
More New York updates coming along!
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Best Coast

   ( Crimson and Kali Dress via Crossroads Trading, Flea Market Floral Crown, Vintage Boots )
Can't help but always go back to my boho roots. With lace trims and a wispy form to adapt to any summer breeze, this is the dress of Californian dreams. Who knew that a dress like this would be waiting for me at Crossroads Trading?
Also just wanted to note it's definitely possible to construct a decent outfit from thrifted finds.
Trying to soak up all the sun I can get since I'll be leaving for New York Fashion Week next week.
Let me know if any of you will be attending! I would love to meet up :)
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✞✞✞✞ Meow Meow ✞✞✞✞

Edit: Thanks Jeffrey Campbell! :)

Quick update.
I'm back lovelys! Starting a new school year and moving into a new apartment really put me on lockdown.
And no this isn't my costume, though I certainly am channeling a feline of all sorts! Maybe I just have a knack for kitty shirts. I like to think that the UNIF top I'm wearing has whiskers.

UNIF Meow crop top, Leopard fishtail skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Big Girl


Jeffrey Campbell Big Girl

Have a fantastic Halloween y'all! <3

Dinosaurs and Skull Bunnies, what a perfect world.

More updates from my norcal trip.
I always say spontaneous trips are the best kind and I wasn't proven wrong on this adventure filled with burnt caramel ice cream from ICI, seeing skulls disguised as bunnies, riding dinosaurs, sunbathing on the lush grass, visiting SF MoMA, getting lost only to end up at the Red Light District and running away from sleazy greetings, trying Burmese food for the first time, and immersing myself in the glorious vintage heaven that was waiting for me 400 miles away from home.

Brandy & Melville fringe top, Brandy & Melville maxi floral, 
Ecote sandals from Urban Outfitters, chained headband

fish swimming in the street

Beautiful view from the SF MoMA. Looks a lot like New York.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!
Also, I finally got persuaded into getting a Twitter.
(Not that I know how to use it) @judy_elle